Pergola MB-OpenSky 140 

Pergola MB-OpenSky 140 

Pergola – several meters of additional outdoor space around the house, or apartment, guarantee the possibility of going outside regardless of weather conditions.  


Is a pergola a desirable attribute of modern construction or just a stylish whim in the 21st century? Well, it is a versatile solution, designed for covering large areas. But not only that. That’s why we are excited about this novelty in our offer and we are eager to tell you more about the first pergola on the market sold as a system.  




What do we already know about the first pergola system? That it will work just as well for single-family as well as commercial buildings (cafes, restaurants). And modern design, movable louvers, side glazing, and sun panels offer unlimited possibilities for arrangement and will satisfy even the most demanding investors.   What’s more? Thanks to the exceptionally large dimensions of one segment of the pergola, we can construct a structure without additional posts with dimensions of: length 7 m x width 5 m x height 3 m. MB-OpenSky 140 pergolas are characterized by high rigidity and durability – for the largest dimensions, the permissible snow load is as much as 0.72 kN/m², which corresponds to a 35-centimeter height of the snow cover while simultaneously being exposed to wind loads of about 110 km/h!  



The louver roof is equipped with movable louvers, working from 0° to 135° with a gradual adjustment of the inclination angle of the profiles, which, when closed, form a flat and tight surface. The mechanism for controlling the louvers, the actuator, the central arms, and the wires are all built into the pergola structure and are completely hidden. The movable louver roof allows for a tight closure that protects against rainfall, and the drainage system allows for effective drainage of rainwater through gutters and downpipes to the stormwater system. Control can be done using a remote control, switch, phone app, or through an appropriate scenario in the home automation system. The system also has various sensors that ensure user comfort, including wind, rain, and sun sensors.  


  The MB-OpenSky 140 pergola system, as the name suggests, truly opens up the sky. And whether it’s sun, snow, or rain, every user will appreciate the benefits of this architectural solution.

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