KNS Silensia Window Factory

The KNS Silensia Window Factory was established in 2008 and has one of the most technologically advanced production parks among companies in the window industry in Poland and Europe. In production, the company prioritizes innovation, durability, aesthetics, and the pursuit of exceptional products. Our mission from the start has been to surround ourselves with exceptional products, so for our customers we produce the highest class of PREMIUM windows.

We are a company with extensive experience, logistical and production resources, and a powerful export business to 21 European countries and two North American countries and we have no intention of stopping there. Over the years, we have worked hard to attain our current position in the market and the responsibility that comes with it.

We value honesty and hard work, because that’s what we are, and based on this we have built a thriving production company in such a competitive market as the window industry. That’s why we are so widely developed, innovative, and follow the principle of combining quality, aesthetics, and timely production.



In today's automated world, it's hard not to use the latest technology. We stand out in many ways. But most of all, we keep up with the latest technologies. Starting from our program created to manage the entire company through offices, production, and ending with logistics and service. Our production includes the latest fully automated lines that are controlled by our program. One of the latest lines producing window and door systems can be seen below in our video.


We are a company for which the customer is the basis for making all actions related to our strategic approach to conducting our business. In the production process, we use the latest certified technologies which are serviced by the highest-class specialists according to the principle of maintaining the highest production standards. To ensure the highest quality and durability of windows, we use the V-PERFECT technology, which guarantees the perfect finish of the window. This makes PVC products take on a unique aesthetic and unique character.


Continuous development has resulted in the company being recognized with various awards and recognitions as well as thanks for its actions.

Our achievements are the result of hard work and great motivation, which leads to more successes.
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