MB-SkyLine Type R – slim-profile sliding door system

MB-SkyLine Type R – slim-profile sliding door system


A system of large-sized sliding doors.


It is characterized by lightweight construction on slim profiles, with a very aesthetic and modern design.


The hidden wing profiles provide a panoramic view and illuminated interior, while the sliding mechanism operates smoothly and quietly with minimal force. The MB-SKYLINE TYPE R system’s advantage lies in its dimensions – the maximum height of the structure is up to 4 meters, and the movable wing can weigh up to 700 kg when using a surface-mounted actuator.

Technical parameters:

  • door frame built into the walls, floor, and ceiling
  • wing profiles completely hidden in the bottom and top door frame
  • a column at the junction of the wings with a width of 25 mm
  • symmetrical narrow column in the 3-section design with a central opening part (type G), also for manual control
  • comfortable, thin frame with a depth of 23 mm
  • the structural depth of door sections: 71 mm for the wing and 190 mm for the frame
  • door wing made of modern insulating material with high thermal parameters
  • sliding seals used in the door frame: modern, aesthetic, and silent during operation
  • modern drainage system with a system gutter
  • high thermal insulation bottom rail
  • the system has a so-called “zero column,” allowing for the use of external sunshade blinds such as SkyFlow blinds and SkyRoll screens

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